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Yes even though we lost 5-1. It’s okay remember how we also lost the first match in the world cup 2010, yeah and who won? Oh yeah that’s right Spain did. Yes, it’s painful to see them lose by this much but hey we will rise. Have Faith people. Vamos España!!! And also fuck all those haters, have some respect for Iker. If you truly are a fan you wouldn’t be saying shit, considering everything he has done!
End of rant.


There are some expression who need to be cut off once for all.

Like being raped when you lost a game.

I know you try to be funny and actually overjoyed to see your team win but it would kind of nice to not use this expression.

This is so wrong in so many levels and it’s not actually funny to be raped so don’t use this expression and then diminish by doing so the real gravity of this act.

We can laugh of many things but rape isn’t one.



Yeah, but the Netherlands still didn’t win against Spain four years ago.

One game vs. One World Cup Championship.


Favourite movies: About time (2013).